Night worries…

July 17, 2008

Been so sleepless lately I’m starting to feel crazy. Today I just tried to relax and recover from my birthday but youd think 2 days of drinking would’ve given me a nice slumber. Oh well I’ll try again tonight maybe just a tiny bit of alcohol and a lot of milk maybe a valium.  I don’t recommend the alcohol/benzo thing thats why I said just a tiny amount of alcohol (btw big thing is alcohol doesn’t help TN at all). I think what I’m writing ok at the moment lack of sleep has had me feeling weird and doin weird things. eg. Just threw wood in the fire but saw a heap of ants on it so I reached in and pulled the wood out. Little guys are lucky. So are my arms. I’ve been well behaved lately but its taken a lot of control. I’ll keep it up no probs (haha). I got a job to do. Just to let ya know Im off all antipsychotics and antidepressants.  Am  totally losing it but pushing on.