Good doctor, Good pharmacist, Good Psychiatrist.

August 23, 2008

Well I may not have had the treatment or help I need from my chronic pain doctor but my regular gp and local pharmacist and Psychiatrist have been really helpful.

For TN I now have in my arsenal

– Lignocaine: topical cream

– Benzocaine: for numbing the inside of my mouth

– baclofen: (helps a tiny bit) relaxant

– Valium: Muscle relaxant

– OTC painkillers (weak but better then nothing for now)

– Cold pack ( yep I finally found coldpack useful in the past it use to make it hurt worse but now it it burns so it seems to help)

– Hypnosis (to help me relax during attacks rather then prevent them.) I tried to use it to prevent them altogether but no luck.

– Temazepam: to sleep as the TN can keep me from sleeping for nights in a row.

Soon I hope to be returned back to the regular meds that worked in the beginning but this will have to do for now.

I am getting reviewed on Monday and things should go back to normal and hopefully I’ll only need half these meds.



He’s Dead!!!… Mother F**ker!!!

August 17, 2008

Well amongst my surfing the net I found this appropriate video with inappropriate commentary. Still one of the oddest videos I’ve ever seen.

Let’s hope he didn’t give himself TN.

Sorry bout the title but it was probably eye catching yeh?



What a Pain!!!

August 9, 2008

Still mismanaged pain even though I’m going to a pain specialist. I’m really getting tired of this doctor repeating the same thing over and over. “take Lyrica or have an operation” In the meantime I’m in agony. I don’t know what to do with myself.  All other doctors think I should be treated properly and with respect. I’m using this wonder gel and lignocaine topically and getting good basic treatment from my doctor and pharmicist, councillor and psychiatrist who is helping me with self hypnosis for pain. I hope things get worked out soon. Well thats my words for today. *getting the lignocaine.