Exhibition (Updated with pics Now!!!)

May 22, 2009

So I went to the exhibition opening with my support worker. I was glad I did. When we got there I was kinda freaked out. ( I always am at first its a given.) Especially If it starts in a city car park and an elevator. I’m sure it was easier because I had support there with me.

After walking around looking at the different paintings, poems, sculptures and photos I started to relax. I got less self conscious as the night proceeded Then what more would you want but an old mate to be there to enjoy the night. I was really happy that my friends and mentors  from the program had turned up. They are all really good people. The place was so hype. Around every corner was a bright different piece. I got to see one of mine up. It was cool. Not my favorite pic or anything but nice to see my work up there.  My other painting which I personally really liked was unfortunately taken before it was displayed. I hope it’s being enjoyed somewhere rather then just binned. But either way. I still love to paint I find it very relaxing. Can you believe I just said that ”Relaxing”.(that’s the second reference in one passage)  I think I’m learning how to.

When I can conquer relaxing. I will have improved my life measurably. Well I am again very happy that people helped me and encouraged me against my judgement(monkey on my shoulder) and got me to do it.  Another challenge faced, Another really good feeling inside. I will hold onto the night.



This was the painting that was unfortunately stolen before the exhibition. (strange story maybe will write about it in future blog) If you have it and would like to return it please call me again and we can arrange it. I would be very thankful. Otherwise please enjoy it and treasure it.

This next one was inspired by this blog in fact.

nightworrier 2

Writing -another- note

This is the other one I put in the exhibition.

They are both done in acrylic.

Hope you like.

I will make a separate blog soon for my art.  sketches,  watercolour,  spray, oil,  sculptures, acrylic, cartoons and lots more.



Performing… How and Why?

May 7, 2009

I got up early this morning because of withdrawals. Plus I thought I might start early again. Get my sleeping in order. I was browsing around on youtube when I found an old friend. He lives in another country far far away. I never expected to hear or see this person again. We only hung out for a week but we had a really good time. It was a nice surprise. I left him a message how he’d inspired me to get out and perform (good for the soul and good for the crowd) When he left to continue his stuff around the world I thought about how I could make a difference. He was a street artist/comedian.

About a year later when I was agoraphobic. I needed an outlet for my adreniline and nervous feelings. So I learned to dance (from the internet). At that stage I had forgotten the real meaning in performing to an audience. I spent a year at home practicing getting a bit better everyday. Then my mate from high school really pushed me(in a good way) to go to a dance studio and meet other dancers. So I did. I started a girls crew and we did really well. I left there and became solo again until another year later when I got an unexpected call from a 13 year old dancer saying I should do a show in the middle of the mall. I really respect this kid so I summond up the courage to do it. That day kicked off my dance with a bigger crew. They were really supportive as I was the only girl. They got me to gigs and shows even interstate show. I am forever grateful for. We have since split up but in our hearts we are still family. We will always be dancers and friends. So I am again solo. It doesn’t bother me but I would love to get down more with the kats perfoming in town and on the street. I know this is so cliche but I want to dance for the love of the dance. bboying will always be the bastard son of hiphop as long as people keep not accepting it as just as much important art form as scratching, painting, emcing. Very rarely respected enough by the rest of the hip hop community. One day it will get the respect it needs I’m sure. But in the meantime Im gonna dance till I drop. The earth is a really big dance floor. Thats what makes me happy.

I have to dance at a show on this Saturday. My fitness isn’t up to sctrach so I’m riding my bike going for walks and dancing to get back there. I have a few combos and sets ready. The main thing is I’ll have fun and I’ll have in my mind this dance will be for my dear friend that passed away in 2005. He was a magnificent mc. He even did a song about me. I loved all his rhymes.

I know everything will be okay,… Wish me luck anyway!!!

Peace out G’s

Night Worrier

Thanks to bboy Katsu (JPN), Budda (Canada), Storm (US), Kool Herc (US)  You’ve been a huge inspiration for my dance. And of course all my close friends that have stood by me and helped me through the hard stuff.



May 3, 2009

I mean exhibition. There’s one goin down in May and for some reason I put 2 paintings in. It’s not like I think they are of standard it’s just others said I should do it. If just for something to do. I’m glad It’s done now but I still find it strange other people will see what I have painted.  It will be interesting to see the exhibition.

I’ve been alright over the last couple of days a few shake ups here and there but generally surviving pretty well. Training hard to do a good show in a week(dancing) I hurt my left leg so I’ll have to stay warmed up for the day. If worst happens I can always use deepheat and a couple shots of tequila. Hope the doctor doe’snt mind!!! Should be a good night a lot of friends from back in the day will be there.

Well my city is crazy. I can’t believe it. The government are banning plastic bags from the shops that means people have to remember to bring they’re own to the shop I will have to buy 1 item at a time because I know I will forget the bag. On the other hand it’s much better for the environment, we are told. (The new bags are also manufactured in factories out of plastic) As long as they don’t start making millions of the new ones it should be worth it.

Australia is also thinking of censoring a lot of sites on the net which will mean getting to some of my favorite sites would be impossible!!! It’s an outrage or a police state in the making. Let’s see. I hope OZ keeps some sanity.