Went Off with a Blast

July 31, 2009

Because of the recent Court dealings with are now over. forever we all hope. I decided to postpone my birthday from the 15 to the 25th as the court hearing was the 16th it was really inappropriate.


So on Saturday the 25th I put on my black slacks, A zipped and buckled jacket one glove a slight make over (Dayum) and invited all the neighbourhood kids(aged around 15-17) over. They dressed as various characters. BTW I was dressed as Michael Jackson. During the night I put on a small display of my MJ moves. Through the night we played various things at one stage we let go a huge party popper in the house. For some reason the kids thought it was a huge fire work and ducked and dived behind chairs(I have great footage). This was quite a highlight as most of them didn’t know what PTSD was beforehand. VERY SORRY. I clarified this with each of them fterwards and they laughed until they’re stomachs hurt so I don’t  think there are any hard feelings there.

Later in the evening swim set up a  fireworks display everybody enjoyed and no one got hurt.  I will post some videos of it soon for all to enjoy. And replace it with these sentences.

About 10:15 they all came running upstairs and said “Put the radio on ‘Fresh’!!!” So I found Fresh and listened about 5 minutes in there was a Shout out to me from them. I thought It was such a sweet birthday present. I thanked them all for there kind thoughts and consideration.

More fun and games with Laser hunt later. Most of us were very tired by then but we still had a lot of fun and I think Jackson would have found the night to be a wondrous and loving party to have as I did. (Next time it’s Disney movies and a sleep out.)

These young people are thoughtful and moral members of the community. I feel privileged to be with them.

I really loved the party.




Pups are growing up (4 weeks, 5 days)

July 7, 2009

Well every day they eat more they make a lot more mess and It takes more hours of cleaning. After it all they sit there and look at me some come over to me and yelp to be picked up. When I look at them I see such sweet little critters. I can only hope they go to really good homes. Some are lucky enough to already have homes but there are a couple left.

All Pups

I have become pretty attached to them over the weeks. It’s impossible not to. They have nick names. mainly so I can tell who has eaten, keep an eye on weights. There’s Nudge, Pattie, Sootie, Princess, Bluey and Ziggy. I don’t think they know I have nicks for them. Well Pattie the runt comes when you call anything really. They all have little personalities.  Nudge likes to be a big strong boy and play fight, Ziggy is a escape artist (cartons,enclosed areas, blocked rooms), Bluey likes to contemplate sitting staring away into her thoughts, Princess cuddles and wants affection(which is duely given).  Sootie is also a big strong boy and likes to hang out with Nudge.


As for Mum And Dad, Dad(Dave) likes to lick their hair into cool mowhawks and most of the time keep his distance. many times the pups have ganged up on him and he has run out of the room. Mum(Bonny) is a really good Mother she checks on them all the time but really now only looks at them when she has to now they are so mobile. The bigger dogs get swamped by them sometimes.

Bonza and Patti

Well that was my decent excuse to do a write up on the dogs and pups. They rock my world!!!.