Went Off with a Blast

Because of the recent Court dealings with are now over. forever we all hope. I decided to postpone my birthday from the 15 to the 25th as the court hearing was the 16th it was really inappropriate.


So on Saturday the 25th I put on my black slacks, A zipped and buckled jacket one glove a slight make over (Dayum) and invited all the neighbourhood kids(aged around 15-17) over. They dressed as various characters. BTW I was dressed as Michael Jackson. During the night I put on a small display of my MJ moves. Through the night we played various things at one stage we let go a huge party popper in the house. For some reason the kids thought it was a huge fire work and ducked and dived behind chairs(I have great footage). This was quite a highlight as most of them didn’t know what PTSD was beforehand. VERY SORRY. I clarified this with each of them fterwards and they laughed until they’re stomachs hurt so I don’t  think there are any hard feelings there.

Later in the evening swim set up a  fireworks display everybody enjoyed and no one got hurt.  I will post some videos of it soon for all to enjoy. And replace it with these sentences.

About 10:15 they all came running upstairs and said “Put the radio on ‘Fresh’!!!” So I found Fresh and listened about 5 minutes in there was a Shout out to me from them. I thought It was such a sweet birthday present. I thanked them all for there kind thoughts and consideration.

More fun and games with Laser hunt later. Most of us were very tired by then but we still had a lot of fun and I think Jackson would have found the night to be a wondrous and loving party to have as I did. (Next time it’s Disney movies and a sleep out.)

These young people are thoughtful and moral members of the community. I feel privileged to be with them.

I really loved the party.




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