Waiting for Scripts can be Painful

January 17, 2010

Well yesterday was a shocker I started the day by going to the shop with my friend I then went to get my script for the new medication I’m on. They said sorry we will have to order it and it will take till Monday. Very sorry.  So yes thanks I called around all the pharmacies as did my local chemist and doctor. We soon found that no chemist in my city had what I was looking for. Everyone was shocked.  I went home disappointed, anxious and in withdrawals. I didn’t know what to do I knew hospital was an option but I wanted to make it through. My friend started brainstorming and listed off a few ideas. hospital, a doc appointment see if he can help. So I made an appointment to see my GP.

I can’t believe its not broken!!! I can’t believe this at all. When I was at home waiting for my appointment I had a rather unusual accident which included some kind of knee cartilage damage. When it happened I fell down and screamed so loud The pain was like being shot in the knee then having it set on fire and over and over again. I tried to stop screaming but it was one of those times when ya get delirious with pain (Timing hey?) I eventually came to and couldn’t walk. I wondered how bad it was how long was it going to continue? Well today I’m walking but I cant bend my knee very far without pain so maybe it’ll get better if I just rest a while.

So My mate drove me to my local doctors at 4pm shaking and sick from W/ds. The doc was at a loss but did write a letter for me to go to the hospital and get as close a medication as they could find. I found this to be a good idea and (eventually) ran with it at 5 in the morning. He looked at my knee and said I was fine. My mind was replaying the incident and “ït looks alright, you’ll be fine” didn’t really fit but time will tell.

I arrived at the emergency department. They didn’t seem to be at all concernend about the withdrawals more the pain I was having. I was worried about both especially after my doc said when the W/D starts to be a problem go in. So while I was waiting an hour or so watching old Malcolm maclaren clips in the waiting room to distract myself. They called me in about 7 and gave me a bed to whinge on but I found it much more soothing. I was treated rather well but not given anything for pain relief until 8:30 which came in the form of a script. the doc told me to go to the hospital chemist and get it filled. Oops it’s sunday I finally located the chemist in the hospital and it was closed!!! agh another wall.

At 10 oclock am  on my way home I picked up my script which unforunatly isn’t the medication I’m currently on but it’s similar  and an 8 mg tablet of my new med. these are supposed to get me through till tomorrow. Hope so. At least by tomorrow my chemist will have got the packet they ordered for me (I hope).

I’m shocked again at the little problems that seem to get in the way constantly but I am coping well and dealing with everything one at a time.

Much less overall pain today. Thanks Chemist, Docs, Nurses for all the help. Even if it took all day and night.





Wake up in pain again!!!

January 5, 2010

Not the TN but that all over body/joint aching pain. I can’t stand it. Still trying to dance an hour a day if I can (hurts alot) But it one of the only things I have that will cheer me up any time. My knees arms , elbows, wrists, neck. n more. I am seeing the doctor tomorrow so maybe I’ll mention it to him. I really don’t like to be looked at as weak or a whinger. I guess If I wake up worse then today I will have to say something.
I have been painting and keeping my word so far to learn more everyday and try to look after myself.

On another big note I am still waiting for a good friend to recover in hospital. I am sending him and his wife and children good vibes I hope he recovers quickly.

Love, Peace,


January 1, 2010

I woke on the first morning of the year with almost  some relief it was no longer 2009  know they’re just numbers but so many scary/ traumatic things happened in 09. I’d like to get over all that and start over. So I’ve taken some steps to start a fresh. I got a new packet of Tyrosine I will take everyday. Not only when I lose it but every morning and night. If I want to recover soon I have to set some rules. So apart from the Tyrosine I’ll take my vitamins and colostrum for long-term health and Ganoderma for Neuralgia. I will make sure I keep my other meds clockwork. I will refill my MP3 player with some different music. I’ll try to paint dance or do something constructive  as I can. I’ll try to keep  learning something new.  I will eat breakfast as many days I can. Even try 2-3 meals a day. I’ll also try keep  my journal up to date as I need this to reflect on.

I’m happy with my friends but still trying to socialize again.

The crew and I are catching up  most days the weather permits. They really cheer me up. I love watching them dance they  look pro and have only been bboying 6 months. I just started printing the crew t-shirts. Each one is original in a way. I hope to do a show soon. When they are feeling it’s time.

I saw my Dad on NYE we got to chat for a while he was very relieved to hear I was on a new medication. I love to see my parents happy.

So welcome to the new year all, I hope if last year was a hard one this year gets easier and if it wasn’t so hard I hope you the same ease and peace of the new year.



Remember to do your part for the planet. xo Peace

Bout to do some gardening. Clean the dance floor. Have a think.