Another ordinary day… In Hospital

February 14, 2010

I went to the doctors as I wasn’t feeling too well I had been feeling like this a few days but now it was at the point I couldn’t stop shaking and sweating. I was doubled over in pain. I had waited and waited to get over what ever was the problem usually I say well If I’m sick today I’ll be recovering tomorrow. At the doctors I quickly found out I was just getting sicker and needed to go to hospital. When I arrived in the waiting room of pain I looked at all the solemn faces and bored expressions. I thought to myself If I could look that comfortable I’d be at home but I guess everyone had something wrong weather they swallowed a battery or punched through a window (It was a friday) So I sat there shivering sweating and pale trying to look tough. The waiting room is quite confronting. You don’t want people to think your weak. So I held a steady emotionless look. My partner asked for a nurse for me as I was getting sicker by the second. When they got a bed for me I got on lied down and screamed. I guess I felt like I could now no one was watching. A nurse saw me and asked a few questions took my obs. She then gave me some morphine for the pain. She remarked thats the first time I’ve seen you smile tonight. I thought I’d be smiling in everyday life If I was always pain free.  I sat on my bed chatting on instant messaging on my phone to my friends (perfect distraction) while I felt a nauseous spin of the morphine. My friends sent me good messages for the night and the doctors let me rest giving me injection intervals  of antibiotics and morphine. Through the night the pain stabbed. I got a nurse about 3 am for more pain relief. By morning I was still in pain and scared the surgeons would soon be in my curtain room wielding scalples and notes* (WARNING *notes are powerful things that can lead to surgery). I got some scans done and tests. They said they wouldn’t have a clear result for 2 days but as for now I need to take my antibiotics and hope I’m totally better in a week.

The surgeons spoke to me in the morning and we’re not sure weather to take out my appendix or not. I usually think if it’s a maybe – don’t cut) The second surgeon left me with antibiotics and painkillers. He said If it’s still painful in three days to see my doc. Yeh ok I will go back but I don’t know about going back to the butchers hospital. I mean these surgeons looked competant and all but It’s surgery is something I’m terrified of. It’s gonna take nerves of steel to go back.

I will update on how it goes but for now I need rest. I’m still aching a bit.



Arrested by Police

February 1, 2010

Last week I had some trouble with the neighbours again. They had done something to us to annoy us. My partner retaliated by returning what they had left at our place. I was about to call the police but after what happened I decided not to.

The police arrived 15 minutes later and blamed me for everything.  They said they had video of me doing the wrong thing (so the neighbours were lying to the police.) . I told them they were lying and they kept at me and kept accusing me (even after my partner admitted to it.) I wanted them to leave but they wouldn’t because I wouldn’t admit to their accusation. I believe in justice and truth and I don’t think it’s right to be treated guilty before proven innocent. So I said we should go over and get the neighbours to talk the truth right now. They said they were going to arrest me so I ran up to the road then realized when I looked back they were chasing me so I stopped and they roughly threw me against the police car and forcefully handcuffed me. the bitumen was hot and I had no shoes on. they could see I was very uncomfortable. I asked if I could sit in the shade across the road. They acted like it was a big favor and let me do it. When I sat down the cop asked me what I had behind my back (remember I’m handcuffed with nothing but shorts and a tshirt. I say I have nothing and he checks anyway. He then tells me to empty my pockets I look at him in disbelief. He goes on to tell me I need to sign something. I tell him its impossible.  Then he says well you can do it later I suppose. He read me my rights and asked if I wanted a lawyer I said I did. He said I didn’t need one.  He said I was being arrested for disorderly behavior. I think the disorderly behavior started with them accusing me with allegations and false evidence. They would not leave until I agreed that it was me. It wasn’t me and I didn’t deserve the interrogation.  Nor should I have been arrested. The police should have arrested the neighbours for the countless amounts of vandalism and threats they do to us and our visitors.

After waiting out the front of my house with the cops for an hour a wagon arrived to pick me up. I got in and they drove like maniacs all the way to the station. When I got there. They put me in a cell while they did paperwork. While I sat there I thought about all the things in my life that end up this way. Its always extreme. I felt worn out by everything.

This is all because I had a fallout with the kid next door when he started doing crime eg. smashing windows of cars, taking substances, starting fires and general neighborhood vandalism. I decided not to have him over anymore. It was tearing me apart trying to help him when all he was doing was being reckless to people and they’re things.  Him and his brother started to boast about what they do to people and it hurts to know people like that live so close. So I will never be friends again but I would like them to let everyone on my street live in some peace soon.

My friends have been supporting and very helpful. Thank you

Well more stress, what am I gonna do?… Stay True.1