Breaking Good

June 6, 2010

So I finally went back to the dance scene. I had originally set up two bboys in my crew to enter the doubles battle but as the time got closer one of the dancers canceled so at the last second his partner taught me some things they had been working on. I hadn’t battled in about 5 years and although my dancing had improved I didn’t feel my power was up to it. I was. so nervous. my dance partner kept me strong. and kept. going through moves with me.

I decided to take as small amount of meds I could to get through the night as best I could giving room for face pain. only 1cloazepam, the second half of the days painkillers, (this bothers me as I Have no break through pain meds. so I have to rely on clonazepam.) I also hadn’t eaten n a while so we had some pizza a couple hours before the battle.

we were dropped off in the city. we ran across the road to the alley we could see b boys as, soon as we entered we went inside and down the stairs to a basement (for some reason I’m always afraid the building will collapse when I’m n a basement. as we walked down the stairs. we could see some of the bboy dancing and hear some funky beats as we sat looking from afar we chatted and tried to loose our irrational nerves a lot of old faces were there and greeted both of us warmly. this was my dance partners first time at any battle or dance public ever. out of no where he started to get very nervous and was begging me to find anther partner. I knew he was wrong and I knew he would shine once he started his moves. he started to see he could do it. we got called up second round they announced our name, I turned to look at him he was looking stronger he followed me onto the dance floor. we let the other crew start first then we took it in turns. my partner was doing some off the best I had seen he even made up a move a couple of hours before it started and pulled it off better in the battle. after they stopped the battle the judges made they’re decision and gave us a draw they asked for another round we looked at each other in amazement I could see excitement all over his face I must have looked the same. It was lucky I hadn’t taken to much anti anxiety meds I did the next round I stepped back to see the judges and they had again drew us by now we were very excited. K told me to do a mill and some footwork during the second round tie break I felt exhausted and satisfied. The judges eventually decided on them as the winners. We were so happy with our efforts we gave huge thanks to our opponents for the absolute enjoyment we all had such a good night and we are thrilled to the bone by our efforts.