OVERLOAD!!! It’s been too much (for anyone)

February 28, 2011

Too much stress everywhere, Every one is on my case Im out of control, completely I wish theyre was a way out that didn’t mean I had to hurt people , I think maybe if I just destroy them or me I just don’t know, I have been really down and nothing has been good. I have had the hardest time in the world trying to keep up with appointments have money ready for doctors and getting to see them. I really hate K she always forgets stuff and gets in trouble, then labeled with a compliance problem because shes to scared to leave the house how the hell is she gonna make all her appointments. I am so frustrated with myself and the world when will this all end???
Peace out,

Photo shoot, filming; Bee swam. Or a nice time to see friends.

February 27, 2011

My mate came over with his cool new cameras and did some awesome photos shoots with assistance of my dance moves. Was pretty cool. D and NW were having an awesome time then one of the spot lights that was being used seemed to be a bee attractor and I don’t mean the kind sort I mean the sort that just wants to sting and sting and so on. so we all got a sting we all sat around with ice on our hands, back etc. n a gut of penerghen which made a few people sleepy but better then a reaction I spose, Lucky for the off duty nurse who happened to be there, we continued to party for a while. I drank probably a bit much but it was helping with the confusion and depression.
Strange night all up and unfortunately not far from my complete breakdown.
I knew I wasn’t gonna last much longer I had tried for so long to hang on to something to keep me here.