It’s a Jungle out There.

August 16, 2012

I pushed myself to go out I even brought my little buddy along a 15 year old girl , she is tough and we went to Michael Jacksons Birthday celebrations, I was so nervous, But having her with me brought me out to dance and enjoy it with my friends of MJ’s Army of Love.

We bought dinner to have I was so nervous Im not so great at eating in front of people. Lucky the person sitting on the other side of me offered to take the food off my plate, then it looked like I was normal like the rest of the crew. I wore my Beat it top And gave my Thriller Jacket to my friend she looked great in it so I let her keep it at the end of the night. she at least needed to stay warm. I think I did a good job leaving the house and getting use to people around me all asking questions and taking photos.

Thanks M (My Psychologist I have come a long way.)

Peace, Night Worrier.