Hey Yeh its me nightworrier. Recent attempts asking for help have only fallen on deaf ears. I cannot talk to my doc if I feel suicidal. Which is all the time now. My partner is watching me 24/7 when I wake he does. He wont go to bed till I do. Acute crisis help hangs up on me the hospital wont take me. If I don’t stand for whats right. I will leave others in the same position. Thankyou M.I you have been a hood support to me. Just a few words is all I can conjure. Peace. NW.

8 Responses to Trapped.

  1. Morbid Insanity says:

    “Just a few words is all I can conjure.”
    Few words that brought me a smile of relief for reading your words again.
    Keep trying and don’t stop hopping. šŸ˜‰
    Peace, NW.

  2. NW says:

    Bless you MI the many times I thought it was too hard I thought of what you said. Thank you. Nice to feel someone truly cares. X

  3. Morbid Insanity says:

    Yes, I do care and I really hope your soul can find some peace and you can have better days to enjoy life. xo

  4. NW says:

    Today was so difficult. I am cancelling all future plan, tried to do something I should say too graphic.A fight followed.I feel worse like my prescence alone causes people grief, they will be free of me and so will I . The only help I get is with a nice fortnightly psychologist but I have tried to explain. She says remember to breathe. I am calm now. Thats worrying my partner. Fighting with what’s left. Mu ch love to yo M.I ā¤

  5. Morbid Insanity says:

    I understand you. Some days are more difficult than the others, but, even though, try to breathe. It helps to calm down a little. Have you ever thought about yoga, tai chi chuan, and replace the psychologist for a psychiatrist? I always avoided the psychiatrist, but I have to be attended for both.
    Peace and strength, NW. *bear hug* ^_^

  6. NW says:

    I have both. My psychiatrist doesn’t understand how bad it is even telling my go that I am stable. I have a good psychologist now but waiting every two weeks no matter what I say it doesn’t change anything. In real trouble. I am doing this day to day strive for a reason through physical and emotional pain. Peace mi. Thanks for staying around. X

  7. Morbid Insanity says:

    Difficult, right? :/ Well, I think you should try to look for some yoga or something like that. I dunno. An extra help, you know?!
    Don’t give up, NW.

  8. NW says:

    Thanks Morbid, you have been solid friend to me, bless. NW

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