So after a year of terrible tragedis. The loss of 2 more amazing friends.

I cannot understand how DL had the accident which ended his short but bright life. I had even asked him days earlier not to venture into the area of the bush he was heading to. I wanted to go with him and I didn’t feel ok when he even mentioned it. For some reason I felt uneasy. WhileDL seemed relaxed (As he should’ve he was looking fitter than Id ever seen and certainly happier) I miss him everyday. It doesn’t get easier it just leaves another reminder of the wonderful people that are on this planet. Rare yes and beautiful… Absolutely. But a hole is left and many say it will heal over time.I think more than anything it is more like a tattoo of the people and animals who have left such a mark that the memories and hope never leave.

Just before my Birthday in 2016 I was called by a few friends of friends of my close friend and who I often called my lil Brother Mr. Dash. He was also young only 16. I couldn’t believe it and when I asked how they sent mesome photos to show the damage he had recieved from a large electrical shock. (It had burned %60 of his small body) He looked into the camera with fear/love and helplessness all at the same time. He knew I would see the photo and maybe in the back of his mind thought they’re maybe some chance of survival. The shock wasthousands of volts and he was strong enough to survive for a short while afterwards.I saw many photosafter he had passed. This has been hard. Images stick words can drift away much easier (most of the time).

On my Birthday Imissed the Skype call I had arranged as Mr. Dash had passed away. Instead I celebrated my Birthday by letting go of Balloons with friends names on them.

I guess you can read last years blog for an update.

Anyway dinners here I better eat . I have much more to catch up on so I will be back soo. Peace. NW

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