About Nightworrier the Human

Hi My name is Night Worrier well its not my real name but it reprsents me rather well. Night meaning I’m an insomniac (unfortunatley not knight) Due to several reasons nightmares/ scared of the dark and things in it/ various other things. Worrier because I think of myself as a bit of a warrior but am actually more of a worrier. I worry about alot of things. Mainly irrational thoughts but they still bother me quite alot. I have several anxiety/behavioural problems (ADHD/Panic Disorder(GAD)/Many phobias) which colour my life and those around me (apparently). I find myself stuck in life unable to choose anything or make a career of anything. But I go on day to day learning something new.

This is all why I started this blog. To share my experiences and maybe help someone along the way.

Yes. This is another agoraphobic blog. But at least you know it will get updated.



12 Responses to About Nightworrier the Human

  1. Hey, I found you. Let’s hear it for Google, right? I didn’t know if you would come back to my response to your comment, but I asked you if you had a blog. I figured you did as I wrote that your WP avatar showed up on mine.

    I really like the name you chose for yourself: Knight/Night and Warrior/Worrier. I love all sorts of wordplay, and things like that so well done.

    Also, thank you for the blogroll. Again, I am very flattered.

    I’ll be back to read some more.


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  3. Jackal says:

    Just come across your blog – I am diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder et al and find reading other’s experiences somewhat conforting that I am not alone.

  4. DreamForAnInsomniac says:

    Hey, I came across your blog in a Yahoo search, and wanted to let you know that reading your experiences made me feel like I wasn’t so alone. I know that same frustration with doctors who just don’t fucking get what TN pain feels like, that it makes you sit on your toilet and saw at your wrist with a disposable razor, that they throw drugs at you that may or may not make you feel a little better for awhile… it’s a shit way to live. My TN’s atypical, there’s no identifiable cause, and here in the US, they’re on a witch hunt now for opiod/opiate users (cos we must all be junkies, selling our pills on the street for crack money) – and those are the only things that have really worked for my pain. Anyhow, if you’d ever like to exchange war stories, talk about what drugs have worked for TN, depression, panic disorder, insomnia, or the many other things we both seem to have in common, feel free to send me a mail. Best of luck to you, and hang in there.
    C xx

  5. alexandriamaryclement says:

    Hmm… Wondering about your blog. You seem to have many disorders and problems. Must be a tough life, huh? Anyways, was just wondering how old you were. Please include it in a future entry. Here is one of my problems: I seem to constantly be drowning in a pool of self pity. I have a badge that says “Pool Of Self Pity” with water as background.
    I made another to wear that says “Tread Water”. That’s what I gotta’ do, right?
    Anyways, good luck and stay well!

  6. I’m glad you feel not alone Jackal. Lots of us are around. I’m 26 btw.

  7. nightworrier says:

    Thanks for sharing all your stories too everyone. It makes it so much easier to Cope, and Dream for an insoniac I would love to chat but I don’t have any of your contacts.
    For anyone who hangs out here my email is ebeboy@hotmail.com and I’d be more then happy to chat about life or what not,
    Much love to all,
    Night Worrier

  8. tapaninyc says:

    Well, I happen to believe that there is no better way to spend a lifetime than learning something new a day at a time. Careers are overrated, other than those lucky few who can build a career around their passion. For the rest of us it’s just a way to pay the bills.

    Keep shining =o)

  9. V says:

    Hey, I found your blog just browsing around here on wordpress. I have many mental disorders, phobia’s, etc. I have PTSD, GAD, OCD, Panic Attacks, Severe Depression, Schizophrenia (which is WELL controlled), I am germ-phobic, agoraphobic, I think sometimes I am acared of my own shadow. I am suicidal at times, it’s hard to deal with life. I am a survivor of sexual abuse and I am suffering from CML (leukemia), spinal degeneration and brain tumors. I also have nightmares/night terrors and things like that. It was nice reading your blog. I will blogroll you so I can keep up with what is happening with you! Best of luck, and know I do understand!

  10. Hi, nice to meet you !

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