January 13, 2017

So after a year of terrible tragedis. The loss of 2 more amazing friends.

I cannot understand how DL had the accident which ended his short but bright life. I had even asked him days earlier not to venture into the area of the bush he was heading to. I wanted to go with him and I didn’t feel ok when he even mentioned it. For some reason I felt uneasy. WhileDL seemed relaxed (As he should’ve he was looking fitter than Id ever seen and certainly happier) I miss him everyday. It doesn’t get easier it just leaves another reminder of the wonderful people that are on this planet. Rare yes and beautiful… Absolutely. But a hole is left and many say it will heal over time.I think more than anything it is more like a tattoo of the people and animals who have left such a mark that the memories and hope never leave.

Just before my Birthday in 2016 I was called by a few friends of friends of my close friend and who I often called my lil Brother Mr. Dash. He was also young only 16. I couldn’t believe it and when I asked how they sent mesome photos to show the damage he had recieved from a large electrical shock. (It had burned %60 of his small body) He looked into the camera with fear/love and helplessness all at the same time. He knew I would see the photo and maybe in the back of his mind thought they’re maybe some chance of survival. The shock wasthousands of volts and he was strong enough to survive for a short while afterwards.I saw many photosafter he had passed. This has been hard. Images stick words can drift away much easier (most of the time).

On my Birthday Imissed the Skype call I had arranged as Mr. Dash had passed away. Instead I celebrated my Birthday by letting go of Balloons with friends names on them.

I guess you can read last years blog for an update.

Anyway dinners here I better eat . I have much more to catch up on so I will be back soo. Peace. NW

When you get pushed down you have to fight!

March 2, 2016

After many ”Meetings” with the so called head of mental health. Nothing has been changed in 2 years!!!. He has only made things harder. I think it’s time to light a fire under his ass. He is not responding to my emails and if he was half the person he said he was . Put it this way he wouldn’t let it happen to his family/ (Though he seems quite disconnected with society) Which could be the problem.

You have my email if anyone wants to chat. I’m all ears.

These people are just manipulators of the system and letting thousands down everyday!

But this needs change. I don’t care how many people need to loose their jobs because we need the right people collecting the pay checks not someone pretending to listen or pretending to know everything! (I am not kidding this guy is really egotistical!) He gets a small position here. All the sudden he is using his power for nothing or worse.

I am not afraid to name and shame. As you have noticed with the Pentacostal Nurse I mentioned that trys to push patients into his very untoward chruch.

But after this recent email to him maybe it will be time to do something about this. We can’t have leaders hide behind veils because they are doing the WRONG thing.

It’s not shaming them if they have said and done these things. That would be called fact in history if it were not covered up!





David Hanes is the Devil. Lawyer needed!

March 28, 2015

The above named is the main mental health worker, though he is a thief and liar. I now have it written on paper by the dick himself. I will have to meet with his supervisor again who is not doing his job! I will make him and if he doesn’t his name is next. John time is running out for you too, The clients with mental suffering get treated worse because of David and his obsession with the Pentecostal church. Religion plays no part in helping the mentally ill. Talking in toungues, He has even had people killed by ”Baptism” What is going on I am gonna push forward and clean this place up.

Peace, I wont rest till this is fixed.


South Australian Mental Health – Religion!!!

February 22, 2015

It’s still a fight but I will not stand down. They system is run by Mental Health nurses that direct very mentallty ill and weak to a pentacostal church, They are still getting turned down and it has become acceptable in the Southern hospitals to refuse help and give patients (even with Agoraphobia) an adress to the church they leave disheartened and helpless. I may need to step it up some more, The more info the better. I still have more paper proof to take it further.

Looking for a lawyer now who can handle this straighforward cut clean case. If you or know someone willing to help in this area please contact me.

Thanks for the years of support I was lucky enough to get here, Not from paid government mental health.

I am not backing down!

Peace, NW.


November 9, 2014

Waking up n going outside everyday doing what I can. I feel ok. Nice change. Peace.

Still making it…

March 20, 2014

After a long bout of deep and dark depression I packed my bag and skateboard and l went to the the next state over. (Literally state) I helped my state of mind too. So yeh Just dropping a line. I am getting through day by day still, The system thought they’d broken me and still provide no help, So I hope I never get depressed again but it seems I am predisposed to it.

Peace, NW

No way!!! Out. Cannot live in the now.

February 19, 2014

From the lowest to the depths of hell. I waited 2 years to hear from my brother my best friend the kid I love so much, He contacted me I was so excited and relieved and then he told me how insignificant my life is, How I am just not worth it. This broke my heart and left me unable to move or talk for days, Don’t even mention food, Then I see my psychologist and she says what they all say. He is a grown man. He can deal with things. I never thought I would be living this far from him. I never thought he would disregard me so easily. WHat is the point. I tried again, a massive overdose and woke in hospital but of course the mental health ‘team’ one person says I am doing fine and just need to relax and go to church!!!. I am 6 months or more passed relaxing. I was promised DBT 2 years ago. So I turn up for my appointment and they tell me I have the wrong day even though I have they’re card saying the time they refuse to look at it and take me into another room where I had spent 2 hours filling out there commitment forms just to hear them say you need a specialist and we can’t help you we will not consider you for DBT. I think death might be my only way out  of this enormously shit situation. I don’t think I am sorry anymore. I asked for help I asked over and over until I was demoralized to the point I have nothing left. I wish just one person was close enough to talk to but this seems to possible be the very last post. I have not slept or eaten for weeks, I am in pain all the time. I cannot afford docs or meds anymore. I am on a very thin thread. Love to all. I hope you can handle it down here because I cannot. I will leave now. Thanks M.I and P.A for your ongoing help. I am sorry to let you down. Peace, I have had enough. I cannot sustain my life anymore. Your friend, Nightworrier. You are in my thoughts.