September 19, 2013

How do I start when I feel I’m at the end.
In the event I don’t publish anymore posts (without notice) Know that I tried, Know that there was no way out, know I did it to myself, Know my circumstances are different to yours (not better or worse but different.) Know I have made a difference.
Know this illness and other factors cornered me without the will to fight back.
Love and Peace,

Morbid I. You know me and I thank you so much for your help. THIS IS NOT A SUICIDE NOTE. just a message in case things don’t work out. lOVE nw

Community management plan contract that they want signed

February 24, 2008

Here is the contract the crisis sent to me. (If you unaware of this letter check out the post called crisis centre contract.) I found it amusing yet disturbing to. The inaccuracy of me is outstandingly incompetent, Incorrect and judgemental. They have known me for a year at least. At the hospital I have had many drug screens. Never has there been something come up. Well heres the long awaited truth of the Australian mental health system. From a 26 yo female.

I will scan the next and last page also showing more inaccuracies.

This a a sad state of affairs.

I hope others get treated better then this.



BTW I’m sorry my scanning skills aren’t up to date best I could do.

The Contract Will Not Work – Summary

January 12, 2008

The contract is full of crap. Most of it has nothing to do with my life.

I’m definately not Signing it.