CBT at the Beach

November 26, 2009

A couple of days ago we were in the middle of a heat wave. 43 degrees. So we went snorkelling. I thought this would make great CBT. I had calmed my nerves from the ride down and was ready to visit my sea buddies.

As we got out of the car a plane was flying over the water  then a huge siren. I approached the jetty which I was walking down to get to the reef.  I noticed everyone had left the water and as I was walking down the jetty snorkelers were walking past me saying “at your own risk mate” I got the Idea. as I was getting in the water people were saying there’s a shark around. I never saw it but about 5 minutes of swimming and a cop walked up to the end of the jetty and asked us very politely to leave the water. He could tell we were not going to and left it to us.

I noticed a mass of neverending fish swimming all in the same direction towards the few swimmer. Some people got a bit scared and assumed the mass of fish was because of something larger chasing them. Like I said I never saw the shark and because of my weak circulation I was only able to swim for a short time. When I got out of the water I couldnt feel my hands it lasted till I got home and had a warm shower.

We walked along the beach after wards just enjoying the shallows and making a copy of the 4 metre white pointer out of sand.

My sand shark

I will try and go to the beach again soon.



Beach Today

January 28, 2009

Today was hot ……….. very hot. The basement was comfortable for a while but the beach was the thing I really needed the waves and sound perhaps not all the people. Which brings me to a thought do people just smile and are friendly at the beach beacause they have to squint which kinda gives off the expression of a smile or are people happier at the beach or are people uncomfortable walking around in near nothing with strangers everywhere? Hmmm too many variables. I Shouldn’t think too much about that sort of stuff. Just makes the world more confusing and me more frustrated with my understanding of human dynamics. I don’t get it. Can’t it all be simple.
We went to a dog beach there were lots of nice dogs there. I saw a stingray about a metre long came very close to me It was grey /black with big eyes a very adorable gift.
I walked my Bonnie girl for her first time on the beach. She didn’t like the water much so we made sand castle and dug. She had fun.
I took some photos did some dancing on the beach and wrote Kiwis name in the sand before sunset. I know he was watching.

Another Beach trip

February 16, 2008

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Running half an hour late to meet friends at the beach. It’s me who procrastinates now. I checked everything in the house to make sure it was locked and everything was turned off. I checked over and over again ***king OCD. I hate making excuses for being late. I’ll just keep sticking with I wasn’t watching the time. The pain in my face is getting excruciating and I’ve been stressed to the max. Lucky I brought a Tramadol and a Valium. The combination does me about 50% painless (back, face and sprained ankle.)

Even considering I woke up unable to move my leg as it would cause incredible pain in my knee. It was so bad I couldn’t even get up to get painkillers. Luckily when it got time to get up. only a couple hours later I could walk with ease.

Well after a slightly stressful drive to the beach I notice the Valium is working. My hearts not racing and I can think clearer and more logically.

Things have been stressful since my Mum offered me a trip to Japan to see my little brother. Neither My partner or my Mum get along – It makes my life difficult to say the least some would call it a living hell.

Ahhh It’s still nice and hot considering it’s 6:10 pm we should be there by 6:25. My friends will be like well typical. Man I feel so bad about that.

We met up after 45 minutes of getting lost(Jeesh where would we be without mobiles.)

I got out of the car n straight away dropped my half full beer. It’s a tragedy but it’s also probably a good thing. Apart from it smashed everywhere. and I had to face my fear of picking up glass piece by piece.

As we walked (I stumbled) down the sand dunes I was having a hard time with my back, ankle knee and face (hehe reminds me of a kids song)

We sat there and chatted I went for a quick dip ( was a bit worried my cuts would show. I’m pretty sure people saw some, I feel like such a moron) with them we played with the frisbee in the water till it got lost. When we got out I felt relaxed and happy to have friends around. I also have a habit of making a new sand sculpture (not that what I do could be classed as art it’s I suppose expression) every time I go to the beach heres the days sand pic. Enjoy, laugh or pick on it.

Yep It’s supposed to be a sea turtle!!!

When I got out I noticed my dog had made some friends. A pack of Dalmations.

The excitment of the dogs was good too.

They played in front of us showing of for about half an hour. So cute.

It started to get a bit chilly n the sun was setting so we went home.

I felt very much relaxed at the beach. Successful therapy today.

It’s about 11pm now I had a quick kip. So I’m awake and for some dinner now

I was real anxious about eating so I had aanother half a val. Quite tired now. Been a long Day.

Goodnight, Peace,


Saturday Night (Is the lonliest night of the week)

November 2, 2007

 Well today I’m preparing for a trip out actually quite far away. Hope all goes well. It’s 18 degrees and I’m gonna spend the next two days walking a beach down south. I’ll be back soon to report on how it all goes. Nervous now but we’ll see how it goes.