Left Alone

October 20, 2008

I hate being left alone. My partner has gone out just to the shops. But it’s long enough for my brain to start racing and feeling uncontrollable. I must admit when I was in hospital I did feel a bit safer. Only a bit. But it was safer then being alone. I hate when my TN triggers in front of people. But whats worse is when it happens and they’re not around. I’m left with my own thoughts and judgement which are majorly impaired (re- last year of my life).

I guess half of me writing this was so I wasn’t alone.

If you feel the same way I do. Write it down or play a video game anything you can thats safe to keep your mind from going down.

Much love,



The Black Dog

February 26, 2008

Literally I was just sitting out the front when a big black dog came and sat next to me. A real sweety too. At the time I was on the phone to Julian. It was a very strange thing to have happen.




January 15, 2008

I think alot of my problems right now is all the pressure I’m under to get better. (they act as though it’s overnight and I’ll be fine. Crying in frustration as I write this I’m clearly not out of the black cloud and dog yet. I will still focus on the small things and be thankful there are still animals on earth