“You should really think about quitting dance” Part 2 or End of the world tomorrow.

December 20, 2012

“The end of the world” can mean many things. Sadly tomorrow will be another day, this poor geologically active planet we destroy day at a time will most likely weaken to the point we do have an increase in natural disasters. As it is we have to live with the current ones. – D

So I went to my dance show, I loved it I was treated real well and felt super supported by the others. I also had the privilege of after 3 years formally meeting one of my favorite dancers, That wouldn’t of happened if I had quit or even taken those words with any seriousness. You can’t kick the dance out of me. It’s in my soul and my heart. It was like telling someone to get over they’re kid and throw them out (Ok there are some cases where this would be the right thing to do.)

My real worry is that well… I’ll save that for next blog

It’s been my life for too long for a doctor I knew for over 2 years I wasn’t going to listen to outside influence.

I really trusted Dr Mark, I feel so strange having a secret only him and I know, I wasn’t serious I just didn’t want any more “Stop dancing talk” from people. I had heard it from so many people who don’t know what I do or what it means for people to see me and get so much enjoyment. He was a great doctor and hopefully will stay that way. So… Well done . You worked me out 😛

Sure It’s great I don’t need to go to the Margaret Tobin Centre again, I’m not touching wood I’m Smacking my head on 2×4. But now I can’t talk to anyone. I’d like to say some things about Mr Mark. But I will keep it in confidence for now, He is a smart person he just made a stupid mistake. He knows I have never hurt anyone. I never will till the day I die. I hope one day he can recover from what I said.

If he was really that scared why didn’t he have me committed or call the police for attempted murder or anything instead he did the socially accepted!!! thing to do and left me out on the street to wait for my ride because after 2 years he couldn’t still fathom that having no drivers license also meant I couldn’t get home.

The only reason the session was 15 mins shorter was because he had someone else to see.

This may stay a subject for a while as it’s made a lot of other things worse. Thanks again Morbid insanity, Your ongoing support has been gold during this trial.

Peace, Love, NW

I think it’s time for some photos for the next post. What’s NW got in store now?



Back Troubles

November 11, 2007

When I was 19 I did something to my back while I was playing sport. I found out it was something to do with sciatica. My Mum and siblings have both had back troubles too. Eventually my back repaired itself but I couldn’t sit stand or do anything properly for about a year or more with very little relief (Ibruprofen 200mg) twice a day everyday. I paid big dollars to see a physio so I could lie down while he put a vibrating machine on my back for half an hour to 45 minutes. He’d say afterwards. so do you feel better now. At the time I had much anxiety as well and “Yeah I feel a bit better” which was true but only lasted a couple hours by the time I was home I’d be back to where I started from. So to cut a long story short. I didn’t have much faith in the system when I had back problems.

When I was recently in hospital I noticed a similar pain in my back with the same numb tingling going down the back of my leg. I explained it to the doctors in emergency they didn’t mess about the did an MRI and had many doctors check it and verify where the pain was coming from. They gave me some ibruprofen and endone ( I was wondering how I was gonna deal with the pain when it wore off). Which gave me much relief. I could actually lie comfortably.

Since hospital I’ve seen my local doctor. He looked at my back and understood what I was saying about how my leg aches and feels tingly. He put me on paracetamol every 5 hours and one tramadol sr 150mg soon up to 200mg to get through the night. I was skeptical about the tramadol actually relieving this much pain. But to my surprise it works wonderfully and one tablet lasts all day. I don’t know how long this back ache will last but I learned alot from last time. eg. Getting out of bed slowly, not forcing myself to stand up straight. etc.

Hopefully It’ll be good soon,