South Australian Mental Health – Religion!!!

February 22, 2015

It’s still a fight but I will not stand down. They system is run by Mental Health nurses that direct very mentallty ill and weak to a pentacostal church, They are still getting turned down and it has become acceptable in the Southern hospitals to refuse help and give patients (even with Agoraphobia) an adress to the church they leave disheartened and helpless. I may need to step it up some more, The more info the better. I still have more paper proof to take it further.

Looking for a lawyer now who can handle this straighforward cut clean case. If you or know someone willing to help in this area please contact me.

Thanks for the years of support I was lucky enough to get here, Not from paid government mental health.

I am not backing down!

Peace, NW.

Isn’t Diazepam a life saver?

February 12, 2008

Well last doctors appointment I decided to switch back to valium. Yes it was definatly worth it. It even is helping with the trigeminal neuralgia. The Tramadol is also helping a bit but only in fairly high dosages. Since going back on valium I have lost all motivation to actually hurt myself but enough to go to a shop and not be totally freaked out. I think switching medications every now and then is good. Seems to work for me anyway.

If it weren’t for the TN I’d almost be living a normal life. I might even consider getting a real job. It’s hard to say. I need to stay on the dexamphetamine for that to happen.

I’ve been distracting myself by doing water colours of things. I find it pretty relaxing. Only prob is I never seem to finish them. Ah well. thats ADHD for ya.

Today has been good on the TN side of things. Probably only 20 attacks and it’s 6:30pm. The day has been very slow and not too disturbing (considering the night of bad dreams)

I wish everyday was this good.