TN is drivin me nuts

February 16, 2008

Im getting about 30 to 100 attacks a day I barely get any relief. I really hope the doc can help me. It’s sux a pity the Tegretol didn’t work. hot cold absoluttey nothing works. Only cutting but its no good in the long run. I feel so bad about it now. but when the pain starts to come it does seem to sooth it a bit. It maks me want to die. I start to see no hope.

I asked the doc last week how long it would last she thought months. MONTHS!!! It drive me nuts all day long its making all my other disorders worse.

I hope one day I can fit in with the rest of the community.



Ouchies – no actually this is real f**kin bad hurties

January 29, 2008

 So today I woke up at 5am with full on TN attack it gave me about 30 secs to a couple of minutes relief tilll the next grab. Lasted till just after 6 and it’s still on and off. F**kin unbearable. No other way of describing. So I’m seeing the doc anyway today. Not that I have come to expect indifference and a mere slight understanding from specialists among certain others I should name. At least I have a good GP practice that looks after me.

Just gotta have some faith in the system huh?

Keep on walking,



Pain All Over my Body

January 3, 2008

For the last week or so I’ve been waking up in agony at about 4-5 in the morning. The pain is everywhere. I am forced to get up and try and find some kind of comfort but it is just constant.

I got blood tests done which show there is nothing wrong.

Last night I went to the doctors because the pain is starting to take over the majority of the day. I explained how things had been going. He was very understanding. I didn’t feel as panicked as much as usual in doctors. He gave me a prescription for tramadol. Today I got up in my usual state of excruciating pain. I took a tramadol and waited very impatiently for some relief.

It’s the afternoon now and I still have the pain. I find the pain has reduced somewhat but I can still barely walk or do anything with power. Typing is hurting.

I have promised my therapist and partner I will not hurt myself. Even tho it kinda helps in a way. With that promise of course includes the promise not to suicide. I’m staying strong apart from the physical pain which feels like it’s taken over. Well less then a week I’ll see my regular Doctor. Maybe they can shed some more light on the problem.