Run for The Biggest Hills

June 10, 2013

While I wait for DBT to start, (Suggested and helped by M) I am looking for one on one therapy.

Again I find a therapist I really thought I could get along with she was also only a skateboard ride away so I was even going out and Happy too! yes that’s right i was happy to be able to do it myself.
After 3 sessions and things were looking good, I was being as open as anyone could that has only just met someone but her wisdom similar to Mark was comforting, I really believed there was a great help. On the 3rd appointment she apologized and said her department had moved her very far from my house, So again I found myself alone.
I feel like if I don’t tell someone whats happening I cannot guarantee my safety, Yesterday I woke up at 4 approx in the morning walking around the hills. I was kinda cold and had no wallet or phone. I figured out my way home and made it without any problems — Except I don’t know how I got there!!! I am scared, really scared, I feel like I am out of Ideas.
This morning I went riding my skateboard of which I have a helmet cam to capture the high-speed action… But what I watched of the film today frightened me even more. The footage shows me walking down to where I skate and sitting down on my board about half way there, The camera shows me sitting there for 2-3 minutes not moving at all. A car drives past me and I get up in the footage and continue on my way.
I am not sure what happened and without constantly wearing the cam I will never know what happens… Unsettling to say the least, My partner saw it and asked what Was happening in the idle 2-3 minutes of footage. He suspected the worse when he looked at me with my very clueless look on my face. I just shook my shoulders. In my head I am freaking out badly.
So this last therapist passed me onto a lovely little girl Danni, She introduced herself as a committed supporter of me and if I needed time off that was ok if I wanted a year off then another chat that would also be ok, I hadn’t felt safer since when M said it but he said it with conviction, Danni won’t even read the previous doctors notes, She says I get opportunities given to me (Which totally takes away the hours a day for years of hard work to get where I am I am sorry she failed level one six and under in kindy but no need to compare lives, She said ” I have done the same as you and I didn’t get any opportunities) (Sure) I asked why not read my doctors competent notes and she said She has a method of reading into everything a person says and looks like, (This is also not true because she didn’t hear a word I had to say as she was getting louder and the exit to the room is on the other side. (Panic attacks are common in her room)This is her method but if you don’t listen to the patient or read the referral it’s gonna take a really long time to gain trust and feel safe.

When I walked out I was so sad, I couldn’t pull myself together, I begged to se someone else, My partner suggested making amends with my psych from a year ago, he said I was most stable then, That just threw me into a deeper spiral as I don’t think he would ever have me back, I really am a good patient, I just said a really bad thing, I had just got into fencing and I liked mentioning it in conversation, It was completely out of context, If he had just given me another fortnight he would see I was only finally excited about picking up a new sport. I hate myself everyday for this.

Now if I wanted to go back to school to get the shit kicked outta me I would continue ”Therapy”

(now If someone tries to physically hurt me I always fight back. Eg. Neighbours all came out to ”Bash” me I laughed and ran at them. It must have been a revelation for them. They said I was crazy…. I proudly remarked and ran up to him and yelled yes I’m fucking crazy so don’t fuck with me or my animals or cactus, Mind you I wouldn’t mind if they got a closer look at some of these cacti. They don’t know how much I don’t care about them, They ruin the neighbourhood and have no consideration for others, they lie to police they poison all the locals front yards in an attempt to show they have power!!! Come on who thinks sneaking around the neighbourhood at 2 a.m breaking windows and throwing poison is any kind of power?!?, including setting a bush and a house on fire 3 houses down in a 13 year olds room. This is when the boys from the family were 19-20 (that’s another story but I’ll let you fit the pieces together) when the father was out of the house.
I would be keen going to therapy but the similarities are far too close. TRUST – That means something to me. I mean I will let her get away with a few put downs and raising her voice even acting quite threatening by leaning closer and yelling telling me I have never lived because the jobs I have had aren’t ”normal”. That’s right she actually said ”Haven’t you ever had a normal job” Before I got a chance to answer she then went on about how popular I am? How would she know how many or few friends I have, In fact 2 close friends are terminal and I don’t know how to make things better. My best friend in the whole world (Besides My little Brother) is stuck in a cold country and has a new life, He doesn’t need me or my support anymore, Pity because I still really need a friend. He was the only one that wasn’t a taker, He has a nice girlfriend now so he has no time for me. I understand but he was the only one since Dr Mark I could be honest with about how I feel. Saying how I feel in this house I live in always makes a fight leaving me worse and much more spontaneous and I find the clues and evidence of what’s been happening. I promised not to slash my wrists to a few my partner and Craig and Mark but they’re opinions mean less everyday.
But that’s just left me with a very difficult life. Painful with TN hitting me every day, On top of that it really doesn’t help getting in really bad accidents and illnesses. I need to talk to someone who will listen not just lecture from this 25 year old (not all 25-year-old therapists are childish) I like Child-Like but Childish and teasing is no way to treat a patient, She kept saying there was something wrong with my thinking I tried to explain but she wouldn’t listen I kept giving her a lot of time but she just hurt me over and over, and asked me if I knew why she was being so cruel. I said ”Maybe it’d because you don’t understand me so you are overcompensating for not knowing very basic skills. So one last session left. What should I say, Considering I said the worst thing to the most helpful one, what should someone hear who is always belittling me and laughing at my life… My words may be a little rough, But I am sure she will get the idea I don’t want another bully in my life. Knowing it’s the end of this ”relationship” Do I just keep saying, so this is the last one , You don’t want to see me anymore do you??? And just keep doing it till she does what Mark did and assume I don’t want anymore help in the case of M he didn’t understand it was my way of making sure he would stick by me. ( Now I know it makes them give up It might just be the thing to say, This is if I remember any of it. I’ll let her down easy, Heaven knows I have it all!!!

Why Can’t I ever do anything right, They say well you learnt that lesson didn’t you???
Sure yeh I learned umm, Don’t joke, Irony. My Mum is an Artist but I see no colour, My Dad was a bridge builder in the army and all I ever do is burn bridges. My Uncle was taken by a shark and I am always surrounding myself with sharks, My Auntie smokes pot outta baskets, I am a basket case, My cousin works for a secret Govt blah, The same government that picks on me and just keeps judging. My fav Cousin in Aust lives so far away I never see her, But when I turn around to find anyone left here in my city, No one is left, Sure I could meet my step siblings but tattoos and street drugs just aren’t my cup of tea. Being a non drug user also makes me the most unpopular at my own parties,
Where have all the good people gone?

Here it is clear as crystal. I am a dancer, A mosquito ruined me for 2 years then I caught ross river a second time. So training is very difficult. When a dancer of 6 years dedicated day and night to train and entertain looses they’re Identity. It feels like a part of my heart is torn out. This happened 5 years ago and it impacts on everything I do. I am still with a crew but we barely get to catch up. Mainly it’s my fault, Car…Anxiety…Pain, and I don’t want to share these facts with my friends or they will have thoughts about me and, I don’t need any friends analysing my problems or congratulating me when I go out. I want it to be normal. Or at least look normal.
I let people have 10 chances because I really want to believe people really are good inside. I always get burnt. Look It’s really amazing I’m kicking on after this year
It’s incredibly astronomical that the same days you remember like your first bike ride aren’t the only days you remember, I remember the date I said the dumbest thing in the world. everyday it hurts. It hurts because I was not serious, It hurts that someone thinks I would ever do such a thing. It hurts that every day I know the best gave up on me when I needed his help most.

Luckily some mental health workers are trying to help me find someone I can talk to.

Peace & Love,
NIght Worrier ❤

My Mind Has a Sign For Me – ‘Enter at Own Risk’

May 20, 2013

I don’t know why I could guess it’s the day-mares (day nightmares) I’m awake but these terrible thing memories play back in my mind, I worry about affecting the future of myself or others by doing things unnecessarily, I think it’s OCD but that doesn’t make it any easier to understand or stop the repetitiveness of these things I must do, It is also taking up much of my time, I cannot keep weight on and am constantly being called ”too skiny” my friend from interstate was even nice enough to say ”Put weight on ya can’t have a six-pack it’s unhealthy for a chick” To that I guess I thank her but there is very little I can do about it as eating has become very unfashionable. I can’t eat very much in fact I can only eat a tiny amount then I just drink loads of water. I am scared that things will kill me or people I know, maybe a stark contrast to how I used to think, I only ever wanted to die. I still find it difficult some days but I don’t even consider suicide anymore. I just try play guitar or write or call my friend in Canada. He is always there but I feel I owe him so much for his help he is in pain too and suffers from Bipolar.

My own mental issues have been engulfed in flames by a lack of a counselor or therapist. My belief that people are generally good has almost disappeared having not yet found a more than one friend I can truly say does only good. But maybe it’s my fault for expecting so much. Or maybe I am blinded by all the bad that happens in front of me.

When my grandma passed away many things happened a lot of fighting in the family and worse they have blamed me for things I didn’t even know were wrong, Like calling my grandmas husband grandpa, Now I get really mean messages on facebook or anywhere I go from my own extended (preferablly further extended) family. They say I can’t call him that. Well that same family member who has a problem with the definition of the word Grandpa has also broken into his house, I would rather say I am not in any way related to them, It just feels so awful.

It has been said ”Does not Dionysius seem to have made it sufficiently clear that there can be nothing happy for the person over whom some fear always looms?

This is true, I have almost forgotten what a smile is. I feel very flat and very scared, I even asked my doc to check on my therapist from last year, I am worried, & now things are just looking worse. Loosing that pup ”Whitey” has really got to me, it’s been 3 weeks since and every time someone calls up I am expecting bad news so I hang up before I can answer, It also stops bad vibes in the house..!! I think?!? Sometimes when I do what I have to let’s say it’s flicking the light switch 3 times well I have had less TN then I try to find out how the 2 are connected, light =Electrical TN=Electric shocks. I am probably crazier than a cut snake your thinking well least I’m not a bad person and I do know I am crazy so it’s ok, right?… no I need out of here, I need to get back on that darn steep hill and try again, there is a toll gate at the bottom of the hill and I plan in leaning as far down as possible if I don’t make it it will be a messy job for the coroner, But right now I just need something to wake me up out of this. I heard once a man with terrible crippling OCD had had enough of it and shot himself in the head, only to wake up later in the hospital completely unchained from this nightmare he was living. Another case of a woman who had to go to Mexico for a lobotomy as they wouldn’t do it in the states and she was no longer depressed. I am not saying suicide is any kind of answer , there are more methods of getting over things than killing  yourself or your soul. I don’t touch alcohol anymore in a bid to help upstairs, Nothing I try is working, I need some help. I really need it soon. Anyone with experience is welcome to comment below. Bless you. If you are going through the same thing and that’s how you found me. you can email me at maybe we can help each other.

Please universe stop being so cruel and let me live, let me find peace, and for all the sake I can find please stop scaring me. Another page has been torn which means we are another page closer to the monster at the end of this book.

I still miss my brother and a day doesn’t pass without thinking of him and also knowing he will never call me or come back to Aust. I miss him and it’s difficult when he was the one person I could say had as strong morals and convictions as I he is maybe more mature but I know he will always be real, Yet here I am like a rabbit in the headlights and surrounded by foxes.

I know writing this isn’t even helping but it’s the best I got right now, Thanks Mark, Thanks Julian, Thanks Meg (btw babe you’d better be careful doing what I do- I know the sports I do have huge risk and I would hate to see you injured.) Ned your a little different but you still get your point across. you  were well mannered and only punched me out once this year it’s ok I deserved it, Thanks, your help over the years is immeasurable.

Much Loves,


Another night I will be so worried I will just exhaust myself emotionally and get sleep. this has been giving me some relief, my own suffering is actually giving me sleep and rest, Tho I won’t go into the unrest that nightmares are bringing.

Staying up, sleeping all day

September 28, 2012

It’s when I wake in the morning and realize I have no reason to  wake up. I am bored with this planet and sick of my nerves getting in the way of me doing anything, I’ll never make it, these thoughts go on for 15 minutes while I stare at the clock tick over 10 am and think everyone is somewhere doing something now,

I’m not doing anything and my biggest plans for the day is struggling to get motivated to do anything probably doesn’t help that my wonderful government cut off my medication because they got someone elses test results, from that I am now paying the price and it’s not light. I will admit before I was depressed but now not even the sunshine and flowers in the day outside make me feel anything,

I know I can’t concentrate and it is really driving me crazy, to  make it all worse my city is having huge gusts of wind everyday and it makes it way to hard to go out. I end up taking it out on the boxing bag once the pain has subsided, Which just makes me angrier. I feel so weak and out of control, I would have liked to say things had changed but no I still have to deal with more than anyone on this planet should have to.

So what I keep waiting for people to treat me properly or ignore them which leaves a few people I trust… Living for me or them?

I’ in stupid crazy pain right now. Just thought I’d update since it’s been so long; So I left out the action packed bits, I’ll let you fill that in.



Doctors,doctors and more doctors.

June 25, 2012

I have had many mris and mre scans? can’t remember. Allergy tests, consultations on brain surgery which always ends up the same – “sorry the aneurysm is to close to the brain stem and we can’t fix it but we will keep zapping your brain with cts, and mris till we get the answer we want.” Which will never happen it’s just pointless half hour conversation on how TN is just going to be there indeterminately. Then I leave the hospital feeling helpless and useless to the world.

Which brings me to the psychologist who is a great doctor but at the moment I am going through some difficult things with him. I want to get over these thoughts of everything and I trust he can help, I just feel scared to say anything as I would rather try to forget the past. Seems like the right thing to do right, No it’s not We all have to face our problems no mater how hard it seems. Eventually the thoughts are supposed to become so boring I don’t stay up all night worrying.

My GP and Psychiatrist are doing everything they can think of. Bless them.

It probably wasn’t the perfect time to start telling him, as I had a performance to put on in between sessions. I can’t stop thinking about the things I have revealed to him.

I don’t know what I will say everytime I turn up to the session I feel really weird/scared, But as soon as I get in the room I’m ok, He is not intimidating at all and lets me say what I need but also asks me to talk about things which I feel are hurting me in someway, I gotta get out of this head space.

All up I do have very good doctors that do everything in their power to give me some quality of life.

Please don’t think oh but you have skills and qualities others don’t well you all have skills and qualities I don’t. So please don’t compare my “fantastic life” with reality. I have had so many “mental health experts tell me, “You have so much to live for- by the way are you on drugs because u sound blah blah, I am sure on the call list when you ring the help line the first thing they always say is what have you taken? they could just read the file and see I have TN and some/ most of the time I don’t talk perfectly clear. I hung up on the last person to say that. even after I said I am going in a competition (no drugs rule) Why the hell would I compromise that.

Well that’s all I have to say at this time of morning, Peeace, look after yourself and son’t let the big man drown ya.


A week too long in Hospital

March 29, 2012

I initially went in there because my doc wanted me to get my abdominal pain checked out after a few minutes of arriving they admitted me to the short stay operating ward. By this time I was pretty sure the docs were wanting to cut my Appendicitis  out Well after days of waiting they came to me at 6pm on the 28th March n said well lets wheel ya downstairs ( I was/am kinda depressed n kinda hoped She meant downstairs to the morgue) This was not the case instead I went to theatre they did the cuts and when I woke up I cannot tell you how much pain I was in. It was up there with TN, Seeing as I didn’t want to live before the op you can imagine how I felt after…

I took 2 days to recover then came home and thought about some things then realized I am just weighing people down, then they get disappointed with me and I am not comfortable in myself  anyway, I just want to make it easy for everyone. I am sorry I have TN I really don’t want to live like this either, the biggest insult is when people say, Well I have to put up with it as well . No no you don’t you just have to put up with someone who is in agony how painful can that be to an onlooker who leaves because they can’t take it. That just makes me want to end it. People always told me I come first if that’s true then I should have the right to off myself.  Sorry docs I know you really tried especially by telling me off for missed appointments and not being perfectly up to date with everything,  “Have you been? Are you keeping all your meds in order so you take them at the right time?” blh blh more assassination on my spirit, ffs I would just like to tell them my life is hell I don’t feel anymore I don’t care anymore, I feel like an earth reject. Especially with these toxic Neighbours from hell. I really want to take them down before me. They are wasting much more then I am in this world. Why am I writing still I should be finding someway outta this mess. Love to everyone.

Peace, Night Worrier and useless human to society.

Family Failure

April 3, 2010

I have always been an academic failure, Now the light has shone on the fact I am the biggest family failure to occur. To the left I have my Older Bro he’s cool he has a wife and a beautiful family a house a job. There’s my Mum She’s an all round great and very smart person but distance and me being the lack of soul  my parents had wished for must feel like a let down to say the least. Then there’s my lil bro over in Japan, I miss him so much. He of course is doing well and has a great girlfriend and a huge future. Again making my parents explosively proud of their other son, On the right is my Dad who is an amazing person, very thoughtful and caring. Always been a fantastic Dad to me. He is married and it feels like he wants to be more a part of his wifes family then me and my lil bro. Sure he invited me tomorrow but I am such a let down for him and I’m sure the other family looks at me sideways. Almost like what the hell you bring her for? (Lets go back 10 years and beyond. My Dad my lil bro and me living together looking after each other and spending lots of time just filling the house with smiles and love.) Now everyone is scattered everywhere and everyone is well aware that I’m a wreck. Are they waiting for me to die, disappear, Change and move? I’m not sure. And surprisingly I’m still not sure if I really want to put up with all this much more at all.

Tommorow is easter and I have to show up with my partner only to be greeted with a hug and a comment along the lines how have you been? What am I supposed to say. I’m doing just great. Can’t drive, In pain, Anxious. Hooray how proud my parents must be that after all these years I can nearly make it to the shop on my own.

It’s not that I worry people don’t care about my mental and spiritual health. I guess the problem is I know certain people just want to push me aside and have a different family. This is where changing my name might help me. I am sick of the crap I have got for not being ‘normal’.

When I was last in hospital it was a private matter. My Dad called and found I was in hospital and said he was dropping in to see my step sister. At that time he said he wouldn’t have time to visit me in the ward. I mean wtf? Seriously. So he found the time to drop in. Dad and his wife asked what was wrong with me I told them. When I asked what was wrong with my step sister they said oh we can’t say that’s private information. This is  the biggest load. When ever I have a ‘private problem’ They all talk about it. When I go in a mental ward it’s talk of the fucking town.

Back to tomorrow and how the hell am I gonna survive the bitter looks of the people around me. I have done nothing to them. I’m just small and an easy target. They are big and don’t talk to me. Why am I still going? Because I really truly love my Dad and want to give him a hug and say I love you Dad but I can’t live up to the expectations that are wanted from me. I’m sorry I haven’t supplied him a grandchild. I’m not even sure if he would want to have anything to do with me then.  I just want my family to know I love them with all my heart even if I have been put aside and shut out. I still really love them.

Typical conversation leading to disappointment on a family’s behalf.

“Hi nightworrier how have you been?  (family member)”

me -I’m doing great yeh dancing, painting.  ”

(family) ” Oh thats great NW, So ya still dancing huh?”

Me -” umm yeh it keeps me happy and fit”

“hmmm maybe one day you’ll think  of uni and travelling and maybe finding a new partner”

Me -“yeh … right… ok.”

I am very depressed right now from the pain the trivial dirt that people roll in. I just want people to accept me. Maybe by changing my name or (something)I will feel like Its not my family that’s disappointed in me, I can be myself and not take the family failure card with me forever.



Wake up in pain again!!!

January 5, 2010

Not the TN but that all over body/joint aching pain. I can’t stand it. Still trying to dance an hour a day if I can (hurts alot) But it one of the only things I have that will cheer me up any time. My knees arms , elbows, wrists, neck. n more. I am seeing the doctor tomorrow so maybe I’ll mention it to him. I really don’t like to be looked at as weak or a whinger. I guess If I wake up worse then today I will have to say something.
I have been painting and keeping my word so far to learn more everyday and try to look after myself.

On another big note I am still waiting for a good friend to recover in hospital. I am sending him and his wife and children good vibes I hope he recovers quickly.

Love, Peace,