August 11, 2009

A whole night of killer pain. It started as a toothache but the toothache st off my TN so  I didn’t get any rest from the pain even with my new patch on I was begging for help. I used half a bottle of benzocaine on my face and inside to stop the feeling but nothing seemed to work I used panadol and brufen every 4 hours and still I am getting about 1 attack an hour. Just because i need this tooth pulled. I can’t even really afford the dentist right now but my family are helping me out. They really try to help me. I wish I could help them too.

Well I have always dreaded this day. The Dentist vs TN and anxiety… how the heck is this gonna work???

Wish me luck,



My New Pain Management Doctor

November 8, 2008

Well since I last saw my new doctor I have been feeling phsically better to say the least which is giving me time to think and reveiw my life and things. I’m even getting some sleep now. OK well I have had some help from the Temazepam. I would rather stay on the stillnox but it’s too expensive.

The help and support I’ve had from family and friends hase been great. Even you anons that read my stuff. Just feeling I can air my experience.

Still seeing the psych for my ADHD and panic problems. I still have a great support worker who takes me to appointments I otherwise prob wouldn’t go.

I’m gonna go try relax now.



Still painful.

January 6, 2008

I’m still waking up stiff and in enormous amount of pain through all my body and limbs … even up to my jaws. I’m feeling real sensitive. I’m getting very small amount of sleep at a time.

My Friend says it’s not real pain so I should just get over it. He does’nt understand at all what I’m going through. All the time.

It’s kinda annoying my partner too cos I wake him throughout the night sore in pain.

I really need to see a doc to help me with this ongoing pain. It is making me so sad and frustrated. Even more then I was before.

I’ll make an appointment tomorow even if I look weird walking in. ( my muscles are really Sore)